Friday, 27 November 2009

Angels & Pinnys & Free Shipping!

Just a quick note to tell you we have joined the Black Friday Sale on Etsy and are very happy to offer free shipping (UK & International) on all our items from now through to the end of Monday!

And to whet your appetite for the goodies you can find in our store here's a taster of some Christmas items we have been busy making over the last couple of weeks.

First let me introduce our Daisyfleur Angel currently available in 4 colours and very eager to adorn your Christmas Tree!

And secondly I'd like to mention our lovely Christmas Pinnys currently available in two different fabrics and 3 sizes.

Also available - lots of lovely pinafore dresses (jumpers), skirts & accessories in a range of fabrics.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cutie alert!

My hubby was watching "Question Time" last night (a show I watch myself sometimes but we'd just finished a film so I needed a breather from TV) & I decided to pop onto etsy and couldn't believe my luck when I saw the treasury window was about to open!  I grabbed one quickly and had loads of fun picking items for my 'cute theme'.  Check out the result here and have a browse around all the lovely stores I featured - some more fab ideas for stocking fillers! Jennyx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bunny Stocking Fillers

We both love rabbits here at daisyfleur and I thought it might be fun to browse Etsy for some cute little stocking fillers.  Scroll down for some real cuties! Jenny x

Bunny Ponytails...

Betty Bunny..

Angel Bunnies...

Toy Bunny on Wheels....

Cute pouch...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Treasury generates sale!

Yesterday we woke up to a wonderful sale and it was one of my favourite items - our little baby dress made from a gorgeous liberty print fabric:
We are thrilled to see it has found a new home.

Today I discovered the sale came as a result of being featured in treasury put together by Nauli who sells beautiful Paper Goods & dolls.  This Art Deco pattern is my current favourite but do check her store as she has lots of other appealing designs.