Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dolly mixtures tabard and bridesmaids bags!

Summer has arrived, and with it some lovely flowers in the garden. However, we are still busy sewing, and here is our next tabard apron as promised!

This one is made from a lovely vintage fabric called 'Dolly Mixtures' dating from the 1970s, and found in an antique centre, completely unused! The cheery yellow binding and useful pocket make it ideal for a toddler age 1 year to 18 months. The elastic side fastenings make for easy dressing, and allow plenty of room for growth!

We've also just expanded our dolly bags with some that are ideal for little bridesmaids. Take a look!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Another tabard apron!

Here is another tabard apron to add to our new collection. This one is to suit a 2 year old little girl. The colours are bright and cheerful, and would be ideal to wear over a special dress to keep it clean.

Friday, 4 May 2012

A new line for daisyfleur!!



Apologies for the long delay in updating this blog, but we have been away from home visiting brothers who live in Canada and New Zealand, and travelling around New Zealand ourselves. It was a fantastic holiday!! Above is the view from a holiday cottage we stayed in at Akaroa, on the Banks Peninsula. What a wonderful view!!

Anyway, today I just want to introduce you to a new line for daisyfleur. We have started to sew little tabard aprons for toddlers, and this is the first one that is for sale on etsy. We plan to expand the range to include little girls up to the age of 4, and make them in a variety of fabrics and patterns.

This is the first tabard, to suit a toddler aged 1 year to 18 months.Take a look at the detail on the above link to our shop in etsy!

Watch this space for more tabards in the weeks to come!