Friday, 23 September 2011

Thoughts of Autumn!!

My local weather man announced that today was officially the first day of autumn, so I thought it was time to start featuring some 'autumn' or 'fall' dresses. Here are some of our favourites:-

Cute little babycord jumper for a 6 month old baby

A lovely soft babycord fabric. Isn't the pattern pretty? It is a liberty design known as 'Sarah's Secret Garden'.

Pretty liberty lawn baby dress. Age 6 months.  Ideal colours for Fall.

This lovely liberty dress is another 6 month size - we think this is very seasonal in its colour mix.

Beautiful liberty lawn jumper to suit a one year old little girl

This lovely liberty pinafore dress is ideal for the time of year, as it can be worn with a short sleeved tee on a warmer day, or a long sleeved one if the weather is cooler. This is a 1 year old size.

Another of our popular babycord jumpers - this one fits a 3 year old little girl.

By the way - our weather man went on to say that we are expecting an Indian summer half way through next week, with high summer temperatures!!