Wednesday, 18 May 2011


At daisyfleur, we like to use vintage patterns for alot of our dresses, particularly when sewing with the liberty fabrics. Some of our patterns date from the 1960s and 1970s. We get our patterns from various places - friends, etsy and e bay in particular. Here are some of our vintage patterns, followed by a selection of the dresses we have made using them.
This pattern dates from 1968, and the dress is from our daisyfleur shop on etsy!


This is a pattern we use alot for our liberty dresses. It dates from 1978.  This dress, to fit a 9 month old baby is a gorgeous liberty fabric.

Here are two patterns from 1980, bought from one of our favourite etsy shops SewMeVintage. Underneath are two lovely liberty dresses for 6 month old babies.

Here is a gorgeous pinafore dress from a 1962 pattern. It is also available in pale blue. Both are to fit  a 6 month old baby.

All these dresses are available on our etsy shop at