Friday, 23 October 2009

Autumn Leaves, Autumn Flowers & Conkers

I'm just back from a sunny holiday on the island of Rhodes in Greece and my mum (the other half of daisyfleur) is just heading off for a holiday in Italy so we are like 'ships passing in the night' at the moment!
Despite being a sun worshiper, I've decided to embrace Autumn now that I'm home as there really is no doubt it arrived whilst I was away. The leaves are an array of beautiful orange hues and I'm planning a walk in the park this weekend to kick my way through the fallen leaves.
To celebrate Autumn we have some lovely new items in our store which I've featured here today. The rich brown fabric & velvet ribbon reminds me of conkers and these little skirts would be perfect for Fall layered over cream woolly tights or leggings. The skirts shown here are age 4-5years.  Please click on our Etsy store to see a two more in age 2-3years. Jenny ;o)


  1. Conkers! I love that word. I found your blog through PoppyTalk, here in Vancouver. I've taken a quick peek and I love what I'm seeing. I'm now a follower.....and soon to be buyer!
    Have a lovely weekend....even if it rains. It's pouring here too!

  2. Hi Pinecone Thank you for your lovely comments. Pouring with rain here so currently pondering whether to postpone our walk until tomorrow!