Monday, 5 July 2010

Lincolnshire Lavender

We simply had to share with you a picture of our wonderful lavender harvest! What a beautiful colour.  We have been inspired to make scented lavender bags & lavender hearts this year & even some lavender butterflies.  Watch this space and we'll share some pictures of them with you.....


  1. wow that's quite a harvest! I remember making little scented bags to go in clothes drawers with my Granny. Look forward to seeing what you create :) Thanks for your kind comments on my Blog, Catherine x

  2. lovely lavender. It's probably better in person where you can smell it!

  3. I bet it smells as good as it looks! I love the scent of lavender, it reminds me of my mum :)

  4. Hi Jenny, i stopped by from Lila and Bells... What a beautiful blog you have and your Etsy shop has the cutest collections!! Will be back soon to read
    read and browse through...:)

    Do come by and visit me when you can...:)


  5. Gorgeous color!!! Very lovely.