Saturday, 15 January 2011

Buttons, Haberdashery, Trims - these are a few of our favourite things.....

I don't know if we've mentioned to you how much we love buttons before but we are both avid collectors.  When I was a girl, I loved going through mum's button tin and matching together pairs or sorting buttons into groups by colour or style.  The noise of the button tin when I shook it was the initial excitement followed by many happy hours spent playing with the delights inside.  
As I got a little older, we used to use the buttons as currency whilst playing the card game "Black Widow" (also known as Black Maria) and my brother loved the big clumsy dark coat buttons whilst I strove to enhance my collection of 'loot' with tiny  pretty brightly coloured buttons and those spares I remembered from dresses I wore as a little girl handmade by mum.

We've recently found the most wonderful shop on etsy Overspill and I wanted to share a few of their lovely delights with you today.  I can guarantee they will soon be receiving a purchase from Daisyfleur......


  1. I love buttons too! Great photos, that ribbon at the bottom is so sweet.

  2. Beautiful, I just love buttons too. Happy New Year :) Catherine xx

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