Friday, 4 March 2011

daisyfleur at work!

At daisyfleur we like to sew together whenever we can - it gives us a chance to look at our new materials and choose the ones we need for our next project, work on similar patterns together and pass on sewing tips! We love all the liberty fabrics, as can be seen by the photos below, where we are choosing our favourites.

We have recently discovered a  new way of sewing together - we use skype! We both set up our laptops at an agreed time, and get busy with our sewing. The beauty of skype is that not only can we show each other how our work is progressing on the webcam, but can chat away for hours whilst we are cutting out and sewing, without the need to hold a phone! Our husbands have had to get used to hearing a familiar disembodied voice when they happen to enter the room! It is great fun.

The photos below show us working together.

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  1. oh that is so special, you are lucky to have each other. Love your new items, Catherine x